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Welcome to the Collective.

This is an organization for developers of Plone add-ons and related software. It is managed in the spirit of a Collective:
Every member can contribute to every project.
Every repository may define own rules how to deal with it. Code ownership is reduced to this rules and the usual legal boundaries.

Join organization

To join the Plone Collective Organization, please open a ticket. Note: you must have a GitHub account to open a ticket (and further actions). You can create one for free here.

New repository

You can create new repositories in the collective as you wish. Keep in mind that you will lose administrator access to them a few minutes later. If you inadvertently create a repository in the Collective, please open a ticket.

Travis CI and other GitHub hooks

Please ask one of github.com/collective admins to enable it for you. Administrators should see the page travis-ci.org/profile/collective.

Other issues

For all other issues, please open a ticket.

Disabling notification spam

By default you are subscribed to all new collective github repository notifications. Unless you disable this yourself soon your inbox will contain only GitHub spam.

Transferring repository ownership to Collective

How to move your repository under Collective shared ownership. About transfering the ownership of repositories see GitHub instructions regarding transfers. You can do this yourself with GitHub's *Transfer Ownership* button 'if the repository belongs to your personal account.

For repositories part of any GitHub organization (and organization only) you need the organization admin permissions to perform the transfer. Admin in the third party organization must be also collective member.

Migrating old Subversion repositories to GitHub

Please see notes here